March 30, 1970
March 30, 1970

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March 30, 1970

Yesterday/Blood Brother
  • That special aura of success surrounding UCLA basketball—the achievement of John Wooden—surely did not hinder the Bruins at College Park, but the champions earned their glory and their title

  • While UCLA was psyching out the NCAA and Marquette was sewing up the NIT, a game between Las Vegas show girls and some airline stewardollies gave basketball a new shape—and a lot bigger gate

Pistol Pete
Gooey Sickness
Motor Sports
  • By Roy Blount

    With superior players, a quietly capable manager and a new color scheme, the Athletics this year hope to draw some spectators for a change

  • By Hugh D. Whall

    One of the world's worst cases of sailing fever has made Stuart Walker, M.D. a small-boat skipper of wide renown. Walker is a man of such tenacity that he has been known to keep racing even when dismasted

Hap i nes
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Victory by Mystique
That special aura of success surrounding UCLA basketball helped the Bruins to a fourth straight title

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20 Form Triumphs in Texas
When some Las Vegas show girls played an airline six, it wasn't exactly basketball but it doubled the gate

22 The Upstaging of Pistol Pete
Showtime at the Garden with Pete Maravich delighted New Yorkers but Marquette won the tournament

26 Chancey Games in Ohio
Massing his legions against an implacable foe, Pitcher Dean Chance mounts a comic-opera boxing vendetta

38 Sky-High Skiing in the Bugaboos
Copters open a powdery playground in the Canadian Rockies: a colorful spring skiing portfolio

47 A Gooey Sicknes Smears the Gulf
A north wind has saved the land from the spewing of wild oil wells but the waters are badly infected

64 Hap i nes Afloat
With a touring American couple and 44 bottles of booze aboard, the "AL EG O" succinctly sails the Sea of Cortez

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