May 04, 1970
May 04, 1970

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May 4, 1970

Boston Tea Party
Earth Day
What Next?
Track & Field
  • Great truths about this country cannot be deduced from one man's observations of sport and life in Lewistown, Mont., Barre, Vt., Hastings, Neb. or Valdosta, Ga. But, as winter turns to spring and the trout and Cards come home, small truths emerge

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Tea Party for Bobby's Bruins
Peaceable Chicago could not cope with Master Orr and his men in the East's Stanley Cup final

This is an article from the May 4, 1970 issue

22 Cup Splashdown
Provocative new yachts were launched in the U.S. and France for this summer's America's Cup warfare

24 Spiking's the Punch at UCLA
The Bruins, behind the 115-mph spikes of Kirk Kilgour, won the first NCAA volleyball championship

26 The Earth as Seen from Alaska
In Fairbanks, Secretary Hickel expounded on the difference between "wise use" and "abuse" of the environment

32 Once Upon a Principality
A valentine from the easel of Sempé salutes the improbable Grand Prix of Monaco

38 What Will He Think of Next?
Bill Cox, who owned the football Dodgers, the baseball Phillies and a piece of Santa Claus, tries all-star soccer

64 A Brief Search for America
Fond observations on sport and life in four small towns, with no conclusions drawn

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10 Scorecard
50 Baseball
57 Track & Field
61 Horse Racing
62 Lacrosse
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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Next week

The Derby report by Whitney Tower brings all the color of the annual festival as well as an insider's analysis of why a certain 3-year-old colt was ready to run on May 2.

Super Hippie, in real life mild-mannered David Smith, parachutes, swims, scuba dives, runs and trail bikes in the first Peace Pentathlon. Robert Jones grooves on the scene.

Gun merchant Sam Cummings, whose weapons have brought down everything from gophers to banana republics, tells writer Edwin Shrake how it goes in the armaments game.