May 11, 1970
May 11, 1970

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May 11, 1970

The Derby
West Is West
  • Sam Cummings deals in firepower. He is a good man to know if you are a gun fancier or a hunter who wants to buy a weapon like the German Luger he is aiming across these pages or one of the tens of thousands of sporting rifles he sells in America each year. But—with several warehouses full of rifles, mortars and machine guns—he is also a good man to know if you want to start a war

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Danny Ladd scored a record 14 goals against the High View Polo Club and led his Cornell team to a 21-5 season, topped by an 18-7 victory over national champion Yale. A member of Potomac Polo Club, his team won the Woodlawn Governor's Cup.

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Roy Jackson, sophomore at Opelika (Ala.) High, struck out 21 batters in a seven-inning game, giving up just two singles between strikeouts—and then, at bat, slammed a three-run homer for the 6-0 win. Roy also plays outfield and is an end on the football team.

Caroline Walker, 16, from Portland, Ore., set a women's record in her first marathon, with a time of three hours, two minutes and 53 seconds for the 26-mile, 385-yard course. She gasped, "I was just trying to finish. I've never run this far before."

Mike Schrage, a senior at Ohio's Denison University, ended his college career by winning his third Ohio Conference Wrestling Championship. In 37 matches in three years, he won 35 and tied two, winning all matches at 137 pounds, tying once at 130 and 142.

John Ketcham, twice an All-America, captained the Wesleyan University swimming team to a record of 27 wins and three losses in dual meets for three years of competition—and won eight individual championships in backstroke and individual medley.

Jim Haney, a 15-year-old sophomore at Radford (Oahu) High, became the youngest player ever to win the individual title at the Hawaii State High School Golf Championship, capturing the event this year with scores of 74 and 73 for his two 18-hole rounds.