June 01, 1970
June 01, 1970

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June 1, 1970

Say It, Rube!
  • His true name was Norman Selby, and he yearned for the life of a farmer, but title fights, adulation, Broadway, posh saloons, private eyes, poets, princesses, nine marriages (three of them to the actress at left, Julia Woodruff), the movies, scandal, jewel thefts and finally murder were the lot of boxing's mighty Kid

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 Say It Again, Rube!
When Rube Walker suggested that the Mets' pitchers might be the best ever, Chicago bats responded with thunder

This is an article from the June 1, 1970 issue

14 The Ulterior Motive for Umag
A battle for tourists led to Nino Benvenuti's defending his title in a Yugoslav town you never heard of

16 So Some Stars Fell on Indiana
Bill Sharman's Angelenos surprised Bob Leonard's Pacers in the ABA's championship playoff series

18 This Saint is Called a Sinner
The NFL wants New Orleans Back Ernie Wheelwright to divest himself of a bar with Mafia connections

24 The Best of Them Burn and Burn
In a lively assessment of his fellow golf pros, Frank Beard tells why some are winners and some may never be

32 Camping Out the Easy Way
On wheels, that is. Paintings illustrate a choice selection of holiday destinations

52 The Real McCoy
Norman Selby was a champion, a playboy and a murderer, but it is his nickname that won him lasting fame

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66 19th Hole

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The big race on Memorial Day draws the nation's eyes to Indianapolis as the Foyts, Andrettis and Unsers turn on. The story of the 500 by Robert Jones, illustrated in color.

The Galapagos Islands of the Pacific are visited by Yachtsman Carleton Mitchell, who writes of unearthly landfalls, the exotic local wildlife and echoes of a lurid past.

Bill Russell, out of pro basketball a full year now, reflects on his sport and sport generally and reports on the speaking tour that has taken him to 60 college campuses.