June 08, 1970
June 08, 1970

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June 8, 1970

Up And Away
Brother Al's Indy
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 U.S.A. Up, Up and Away
Stocks, attendance and spirits were up as summer began; maybe it will not last—but what a weekend

This is an article from the June 8, 1970 issue

28 Lefty Makes the Angels Sing
California Manager Phillips looks all wrong in a uniform, but the onetime nobody's performance has been all right

30 Brother Al's Turn in the 500
Following up his sibling Bobby's 1968 victory, Al Unser drove commandingly to an easy win at Indy

36 Cruise to the Galàpagos
A celebrated yachtsman visits Pacific islands of unearthly aspect, and stirs the bones of an old scandal

44 Bounce Your Way to Fame
Trampolinists who can do fliffises and gazip-gazaps not only beat kangaroos but may become world champions

66 Fly Casting for Spin Fishermen
Fly-casting anglers may shudder, but a French-Canadian guide is tying spin-fishing flies that fish love

80 Success Is a Journey
A year after his retirement from basketball, Bill Russell reflects on his sport and sport generally

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14 Scorecard
54 People
56 Baseball
60 Bridge
63 Horse Racing
66 Fishing
70 Golf
76 Horse Show
95 For the Record
96 19th Hole

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Next week

The U.S. Open moves to dogleg country in Minnesota and a site that will cause some barking. Jack Nicklaus analyzes the troublesome course; Dan Jenkins wins some fictional bets.

Two racing classics on two continents in one busy week—the Epsom Derby and the Belmont Stakes—are covered by Whitney Tower and Photographer Jerry Cooke.

Collecting seashells on a beach is a fine summertime idyll, but it is mere dabbling when compared to the efforts and adventures of serious shelters who hunt their game live.