June 15, 1970
June 15, 1970

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June 15, 1970

  • The theme songs were different at Epsom and Belmont, but the theme was the same—classic competition among the best thoroughbred colts available. Plenty were available at Epsom Downs, in any case

Boo-Boo Or Baby
Freshman And Guru


14 Saints and Sidewalks
The songs were different at Epsom and Belmont but the theme was the same—top thoroughbred competition

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20 No One Plays in No Man's Land
People's Park, a riot scene last year, is now resplendent with athletic fields—but Cal students won't use them

22 Boo-Boo or Baby for Bowie
The All-Star balloting was off to a bad start, but the jury was still out on Baseball Commissioner Kuhn's plan

28 The Freshman and the Great Guru
Under the guidance of Oregon Track Coach Bill Bowerman, 19-year-old Steve Prefontaine is running to the top

The U.S. Open

34 Can trivia win? Golf minutiae, for fun and profit
36 Trouble lurks at Hazeltine. Nicklaus reviews the course

49 Bloodless Battle on the Blackwater
Irish protesters, who want an end to privately owned waters, storm a castle and hold a fishless fish-in

70 A Gumshoe in a Shell Game
Searching for seashells on a beach is merely a summer idyll, but pursuing the quarry live is vigorous sport indeed

The departments

11 Scorecard
44 People
49 Fishing
52 Baseball
63 Motor Sports
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Next week

Back and batting, Tony Conigliaro begins the story of his beaning, his desperate struggle to recover from legal blindness and, finally, the miracle that restored his career.

The world cup, soccer's summit meeting in Mexico, pits the best national teams from the 139 countries where the game is played. Tex Maule reports from the four Cup sites.

Fishing boats with split personalities—small enough to skim the flats yet seaworthy offshore—are enjoying a big new boom. Photographed in color by Eric Schweikardt.