June 22, 1970
June 22, 1970

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June 22, 1970

World Cup
  • Always a sport that incites extravagant response, it provoked an entire nation to a vast emotional spree at the World Cup competition in Mexico as the home team enjoyed some early successes

Orville Moody
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Soccer Is a Frenzy
It provoked an entire nation to a vast emotional spree at the World Cup matches in Mexico

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18 First Guns in a Sea War
Valiant outsailed Intrepid and Heritage as the native America's Cup contenders raced for the first time

20 Dreamy Times for Mini-Bombers
Small, faceless and surprising, the new New York Yankees have visions of championships dancing in their heads

28 Vest-Pocket Fishermen
They are a new breed of outboard boats and the rage of Southern waters. Photographed in color

34 Nontransmogrification of O. Moody
Last year's U.S. Open winner has kept his perspective on things, despite his sudden fame and $300,000 fortune

48 Fortune Smiles on This Cookie
Chi Cheng of Taiwan and Los Angeles broke world records in the 100 and 220. The 440 is next

60 Return from the Dark
Tony Conigliaro begins the story of his terrible beaning, the days of agony and doubt and his struggle to recover

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54 Rowing
56 Harness Racing
76 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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Next week

Horrendous Hazeltine, the "blindman's buff" course in Minnesota, challenges the world's best golfers in the U.S. Open. Dan Jenkins covers the action, from tee to green.

The World Cup final matches the best sides from Europe and Latin America in Mexico City. Tex Maule reports the climax of soccer's four-year search for a new champion.

What better way to get down a river than churning along crazily in canoe and kayak? Photographer Del Mulkey captures this splashy sport in an action-color portfolio.