June 29, 1970
June 29, 1970

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June 29, 1970

Pasture Pool
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Tony's a Shark at Pasture Pool
America's professionals damned the U.S. Open course as a farm, but England's Tony Jacklin didn't follow their cue

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20 McLain: Ready for His Comeback
Working out in exile at his Florida home, Detroit's ace pitcher discusses his suspension and his return next week

22 Cal Cuts Down the Barberians
The University of California scores a hairy, upset win in the NCAA track and field championships

24 Pelé and Pals Retire the Cup
With a smooth, confident attack, the Brazilians routed Italy to win soccer's world championship

26 A Tippy Canoe in a Rapids Stew
After years of seeking recognition white-water slalom wins soaking-wet respectability. A color portfolio

34 Return from the Dark: Part 2
Tony Conigliaro completes the story of his beaning and miraculous recovery as one of baseball's feared hitters

56 The Sun Also Sets
The hero of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" emerges in Madrid, but a hero no more

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70 19th Hole

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Next week

Defending champions Marty Liquori, John Carlos, Lee Evans et al. will be in Bakersfield, Calif. for the AAU track and field championships. Pat Putnam reports the action.

Tintype portraits of the modern heroes of baseball present Mays, Maz, the Robinsons and others in a Victorian guise. An album of new tintypes by Mark Kauffman.

Mining the bahamas sounds like a fantasy, but a big dredging company is doing it right now. Aragonite is the industrial prize; a sterile environment may be the result.