July 13, 1970
July 13, 1970

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July 13, 1970

Cincy Cannonball
Red Baron
Big Land Grab
The Hub Men
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Cincy Cannonball
Propelled by power, speed and pitching, the Big Red Machine roars into a new stadium hot after the pennant

This is an article from the July 13, 1970 issue

18 Red Baron in the Wild Blue Yonder
High among the hawks over Texas, soarers vied for the world title—hut a German ace heat them all

22 Moving in for a Land Grab
A presidential committee, chaired by Wayne Aspinall, no friend of conservation, submits an astonishing report

28 New Chance at the Cup
Designing yachts to compete for the America's Cup is always a gamble, but Britton Chance may beat the odds

34 The Calgary Stampede
"The greatest outdoor show on earth"—in drawings by Paul Hogarth and text by Eric Whitehead

50 Almost Roses for Rosewall
But a gallant bid failed before the power and talent of a younger Aussie at Wimbledon

54 Who Are the Hub Men?
They are sportsmen and politicians who have denied Boston a stadium—and maybe put it ahead

The departments

9 Scorecard
42 Baseball's Week
46 People
49 Golf
50 Tennis
52 Harness Racing
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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