Nov. 23, 1970
Nov. 23, 1970

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Nov. 23, 1970

George Does It
College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Our Joint Is Jumping
Two American racetracks were hosts to foreign horses, and members of the home team won both races

This is an article from the Nov. 23, 1970 issue

28 Australia's Cup Runneth (32) Under
Bruce Devlin and newcomer David Graham treated the World Cup competition like so many par shooters

30 Let George Do It—And He Does
For the fourth time this season George Blanda saved Oakland from defeat, this time to beat the Broncos

36 A Buffalo Hunt? Shoot? Slaughter?
The bison is nearly extinct, but Arizona must thin its tiny herd and eager hunters have a blast in a pasture

42 The Game Behind the Whistle
Artist Michael Ramus makes it clear that some of hockey's finest moments are its hiatuses

48 How Intangible Can You Get
Alex Hawkins lasted 10 years in the NFL. How? For one, he was consensus All-Pro at tackle-sitting

80 Watching the Man in the Mirror
In the last hours before the Ali-Quarry fight George Plimpton was a privileged observer

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14 Scorecard
62 People
67 College Football
77 Track & Field
78 Skiing
105 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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Next week

College basketball begins a new season. UCLA—who else?—is favored to win the NCAA championship again, but several teams, notably South Carolina, Jacksonville and Marquette, have a good shot at the Bruins. So, to a lesser extent, do others of the 50 or so teams scouted by SI. Curry Kirkpatrick analyzes UCLA's success and the ways of its remarkable coach, John Wooden. There is a color gallery of new arenas, reports on two superb small college teams and, with apologies to nobody, a tribute to girls' basketball. Along with this, all the news on football and other fronts.