Dec. 14, 1970
Dec. 14, 1970

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Dec. 14, 1970

Body Language
Dots And Dash
  • Why is Mountaineer Mitch Michaud on Ebright Road in Centerville, Del.? Because it's there. Also because it's the highest point (440 feet) in the state, and Michaud yearned to be the first to attain the highest point in all 50 states in one year

  • POOL 46

    As his work shows, Arnold Roth is crazy. This makes him the ideal artist to portray the vagaries of pool, a game whose apparent simplicity conceals its frustrations. Here, then, is the oddball behind the eight ball

College Basketball
Pro Basketball
Fighting Irish
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Body Language in Austin
Suiting deeds to Darrell Royal's words, No. 1 Texas met Arkansas "folks on folks'' and won handsomely

This is an article from the Dec. 14, 1970 issue

26 A Smashing Finish
It took Muhammad Ali 15 rounds to put down a tough, determined Bona vena

28 Three Dots and a Dash
That's the message from Minnesota. Chicago got it loud and clear as the Vikings clinched their division

34 Upon a Peak in Delaware
Mitch Michaud becomes the first man ever to climb the highest point of all 50 states in a single year

46 Some Vagaries of Pool
Artist Arnold Roth, the oddball behind the eight ball, portrays the game's follies and frustrations

70 When a Race Breathes No More
Walter J. Hickel, former Secretary of the Interior, tells why he decided the world's whales are worth saving

76 The Greening of the Fighting Irish
Notre Dame's once all-male campus now marches to the sound of different drummers—some of them coeds

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13 TV Talk
14 Scorecard
52 People
55 College Basketball
62 Bridge
66 Hockey
68 Pro Basketball
70 Nature
92 For the Record
93 19th Hole

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