Dec. 21, 1970
Dec. 21, 1970

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Dec. 21, 1970

No Miracle
Arms And Ogres
Nose Count


18 No Miracle Required
Oakland, which has specialized in the supernatural, stayed earthly to beat K. C. and win its division

This is an article from the Dec. 21, 1970 issue

24 Barnburner in the Old Barn
The new Indiana arena wasn't finished, so the Hoosiers and Kentucky dedicated themselves to annihilating each other

26 The Real Scrap Was for 60th
A scrambling band of no-name golf pros played a tournament within a tournament at the Bahama Islands Open

28 Arms Against the Ogres
In the big bowls it's the passing of Theismann and Plunkett against the fearsome forces of Texas and Ohio State

36 Sportsman of the Year
Only 22, he has already led his team to glory and has been acclaimed the best player his game has ever known

44 Who's Next?
Pictorial reflections on the first year of the new decade: its highlights, the auguries it offered—and its laughs

72 Who Blew the U.S. Nose Count?
You say the census shows a decrease in the number of bores? Impossible. Have you checked all the sports?

78 Goren's Christmas Quiz
The annual bridge puzzler challenges you to choose between no trump and a trump suit in 15 hands

84 Weeds, Bugs, Americans
A renowned author assails the familiar views on conservation and presents instead a cogent philosophy of nature

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11 Scorecard
77 People
107 For the Record
108 Basketball's Week
112 19th Hole

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(dated Jan. 4, 1971)

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