Dec. 21, 1970
Dec. 21, 1970

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Dec. 21, 1970

No Miracle
Arms And Ogres
Nose Count


5—Terence Spencer—LIFE
25—James Drake
26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier
36—T. J. Kenney
37—John G. Zimmerman—LIFE
39-42—illustrations by Ed Kasper
44—Brown Brothers (2), UPI, Alfred Eisenstaedt—Pix
45—Walter Iooss Jr., Bob Gomel—LIFE
46, 47—Sheedy & Long, UPI (2)
48—Tony Triolo (2), Herb Scharfman, Neil Leifer
49—Herb Scharfman (2), Tony Triolo, Neil Leifer (2)
50, 51—Jerry Cooke, Tony Bosco—SCOOP
52, 53—Neil Leifer, Gerry Cranham, John G. Zimmerman—LIFE
54—Alan Clifton (2), AP Ltd., Press Assn.
55—London Mirror
56, 57—Michael Evans—New York Times
58—Richard Meek, H. Lane Stewart, Eric Schweikardt (2), UPI
59—Eric Schweikardt
60, 61—Guillermo Basagoiti
62, 63—George Silk—LIFE, Walter Iooss Jr. (2), Tony Triolo, John Turner—Black Star
64—Neil Leifer
65—Walter Iooss Jr.
66, 67—Charles Trainor, AP, UPI, Tony Triolo, John Duprey—N.Y. Daily News
68, 69—AP (4), Bob Davis, Popperfoto—Pictorial Parade, Ignatius Sargent
77—J. M. Cramer—Marlboro Enterprise
78—model by Asdur Takaljian, photograph by T. J. Kenney
107—Don Spainhower, Seattle Times

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