Play Now...Fly Later

January 18, 1971

Who was watching the friendly skies last week? Was there nobody to dispense coffee, tea or milk? Nobody to fluff up pillows or serve that plastic chicken and steak? No. It seemed that every stunning airline hostess in the world—137 of them from 20 airlines—was at Sun Valley, Idaho for Interline Ski-In. It is better known as Stewardess Week and, unofficially, as the Whole Earth Stretch Pants World Championship, a very hip affair. The girls skied. They swam, skated and danced. They sauna-ed. They partied. They were pursued by tanned, white-toothed ski instructors and graying pilots who should know better. But mostly, they paraded around, leaving the air heady with traces of Fabergé and Chanel until the sedate old ski resort may never be the same. There were slaloms for silver cups, but never mind them. What do you want, glamour or a good race? And when it was all over and the girls put their wings back on, there were surprisingly few casualties. Oh, maybe a hundred broken hearts, perhaps a dented psyche or two. But just one little old fracture. The doctor said it was the prettiest leg he has ever set.

PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Cammie Gross, Western Air Lines. Cammie is stopping for a beer and losing the race. Still Cammie is clearly a winner. PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Gretchen Veleke, Pan Am. She is posed at a polka-dot slalom gate. Gretchen does not race—but she sure improves slalom gates. PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Marta MacAllister, who is not usually this snowy. Marta flies for Pan Am out of Los Angeles. Marta is out of this world.
PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Cammie Gross again, this time throwing snow at Fletcher Dice of Pan Am. Stewardesses like this make the snowing great. PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Christine Christophersen. Christine flies for Pan Am. And Christine is wearing her crash helmet. Isn't that a nifty helmet? PHOTOERIC SCHWEIKARDTThis is Karen Wong, Northwest Air Lines. Karen is doubling as Miss Dubonnet, serving wine to skiers. Two-drink limit, of course.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)