Feb. 22, 1971
Feb. 22, 1971

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Feb. 22, 1971

The Memory
Dr. Meriwether
  • "I'm a small piece of leather but I'm well put together, and nobody commands me.... I don't see how he can survive, unless he runs." So says Joe Frazier in a rare interview with Morton Sharnik

St. Vincent
Track & Field
Motor Sports
Body Surfing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4, 16, 18—Neil Leifer
19—T. Tanuma
20, 21—John Iacono
22, 25—James Drake
28—Fred Kaplan-Black Star
44—Dick Hoenig, UPI
46—Wil Blanche
52—Roy DeCarava
55—Sheedy & Long
60, 61—Nick Hudson
63-72—Curt Gunther
75—Bremerton Sun, Miami-Metro Department of Publicity and Tourism, Wasco Recreation and Parks District, Harold Chatlosh

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