March 01, 1971
March 01, 1971

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March 1, 1971

Fastest Man
The Ax
Golden Flower
College Basketball
Horse Racing
The Diplomat
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Fastest Man Afloat
Thanks to dashing Dave Edgar and a coach given to gimmicks, Tennessee is now a national swimming power

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20 Far Out in Middle America
The University of Kansas basketball team is so up to date it is different. Better yet, it is winning again

22 Phooey on the Fortune Cookie
Despite a dire prediction in a Chinese restaurant, Aussie Kerry O'Brien broke the world two-mile record

24 Win One and They Give You the Ax
But they also gave World Cup points in Maine, and out of the woods came two skiers headed for the title

34 To Pick a Golden Flower
The best junior hockey player to bloom in Canada since Orr is ripe for plucking by the Canadiens

38 The Boxer and the Slugger
Classic heavyweight bouts are reviewed in art and text, with a glimpse ahead at Ali-Frazier

62 The Once and Future Diplomat
Inspired by a Government-sponsored tour of Africa, Arthur Ashe hopes to return one day as an ambassador

The departments

13 Scorecard
49 People
50 College Basketball
52 Bridge
54 Horse Racing
59 Golf
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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Next week

Ali and Frazier are in their last hours of preparation, and worldwide anticipation builds to next week's climax in Madison Square Garden. A battlefield survey by Mark Kram.

The PGA championship shifts to a winter date and the golf pros' own course in Palm Beach. Dan Jenkins reports the first big tournament of 1971—and maybe the toughest.

Poison, spread by sheepmen and Government employees to kill off predators, saturates the West. Jack Olsen views the continuing slaughter with some passion and much alarm.

This is an article from
the March 1, 1971 issue