March 15, 1971
March 15, 1971

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March 15, 1971

Big Fight
Poisoning Of The West: Part 2
Ski, Ski
  • What important thing did Queen Isabella do for winter sports in 1492? Answer: she threw the last Moorish king out of Granada so people like Artist Marc Simont could ski there and happily decorate these and the next three pages with drawings of Solynieve, a Spanish ski spa

College Basketball
Touch Me Not
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 End of the Ali Legend
Knocked down in the 15th round, Muhammad Ali lost a bitterly fought title bout by unanimous decision

This is an article from the March 15, 1971 issue

22 The Son of The Axe Chops 'em
The aptly named Executioner cut down Dynastic in the stretch to win the $155,000 Flamingo

24 New Ruler of the Southern Seas.
"Running Tide" outsailed the finest fleet in history to win a suspenseful ocean-racing series

26 They're Ho-Hummers No More
The Washington Senators have new life, and no matter where they finish nobody will say they are dull

36 A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
Of poison like 1080 or cyanide, that is. The Government's program is killing noncombatants along with predators

46 In Spain They Say Ski, Ski
A color portfolio by artist Marc Simont of a swinging Spanish ski resort high in the Sierra Nevada

52 The Pro Who Runs the Tour
The big golf tournaments run smoothly because of the presence of an ex-FBI man named Jack Tuthill

74 'Nobody Touches Me with Impunity'
This warning, in Latin, is posted over the kennel in which Robert Abady raises bouviers. Strangers take heed

The departments

11 Scorecard
56 People
58 College Basketball
62 Skiing
64 Bridge
70 Pro Basketball
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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Next week

The curtain drops on one season and rises on another as the NCAA basketball tournament begins. Joe Jares scouts the best of the survivors in the desperate race for the title.

Will success finally find Wes Parker? William Leggett reports on the leader of the L.A. Dodgers. He has Hollywood looks, a truly excellent batting record and no fame.

Best team ever? A case can be made for Indiana's swimmers. Led by Mark Spitz, John Kinsella, Gary Hall and Mike Stamm, they seek their fourth straight NCAA title.