March 22, 1971
March 22, 1971

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March 22, 1971

NCAA Playoffs
Pro Football Strife
Title Wave
Poisoning Of The West: Part 3
Dr. Magoon
Track & Field
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 A Perennial Problem
With the NCAA field cut to 16, an old question remains: How do you stop UCLA?

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18 Owners Can Be Tackled, Too
The NFL Players Association charges management with delay of game and unsportsmanlike conduct

22 In Greek It's Los Angeles
Two among many, a couple of baseball Hellenes agree that the Dodgers may be the team to watch this year

28 It's a Hoosier Title Wave
Indiana can't lose the NCAA swim meet; it might even beat an all-star team from the rest of the world

34 A Home on the Range for Everyone
There is room on our vast Western lands for both sheep and coyotes—if nature is allowed to take its course

52 Love at First Contusion
In which Eye Surgeon Robert Magoon meets ocean powerboat, endures painful baptism and conquers

74 Man Is Fair Game
A British regiment in Germany pursues a human quarry with horse and hound and makes weekly kills aboveground

The departments

9 Scorecard
57 People
58 College Basketball
62 Sporting Look
64 Track & Field
69 Pro Basketball
88 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Next week

Hero drivers like Mario Andretti give Sebring one last spin as the Florida sports car classic, which introduced Fangio and Moss to America, faces extinction. Bob Jones reports.

The super siblings of hockey are Phil Esposito, Boston's gunner, and Tony Esposito, defender of the Chicago nets. They should soon meet in a Stanley Cup shoot-out.

A flip-flop to the yogi is a stunt performed by women gymnasts. The top U.S. women in a color gallery plus a story on Herb Vogel, an embattled male in a female world.