April 05, 1971
April 05, 1971

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April 5, 1971

A Close One
  • The Bruins of UCLA won their fifth straight NCAA national title, but for once there was an element of doubt. Howard Porter and Villanova almost set the East on fire before their flame finally was doused

After The Flag
The Masters
Gil Drake
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


25—Rich Clarkson, James Drake
26—James Drake (2), Rich Clarkson
29—Jerry Cooke, Walter Iooss Jr., Jerry Cooke
30—Jerry Cooke
32—Dolly Connelly
33—Leonard McCombe-LIFE
34—map by William Bernstein
37—Dolly Connelly
54-56—Coles Phinizy
69—Bob Jordan-Indianapolis News, AP
70, 71—Sheedy & Long
77—Wil Blanche
80—Sheedy & Long
84, 85—Howard Bingham
111—Robert Parsons-Staten Island Advance (1)

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