May 31, 1971
May 31, 1971

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May 31, 1971

Slide-Rule Boys
Bass Pond
Not A Nyickl
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Off to a Sizzling Start
Hot bats and hot arms are treating baseball fans to some of the finest early-season shows in years

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24 Lurch, Wobble—and Gobble
Such are the tactics of Washington's muscular crew, which added the Western Sprints to its victory string

26 'What a Fiesta We Will Have'
Three men and a horse look forward to the Belmont, the Triple Crown and unending shouts of Viva!

32 The Slide-Rule Boys at Indy
By leaving nothing to chance, Roger Penske and Mark Donahue have engineered Indy's fastest car

40 Not a Place for Everyone
An overgrown centuries-old millpond in tidewater Virginia is still ideal for bass—and for poachers

62 Out of This I Get Not a Nyickl
So says George Parnassus, but dollars flow around the man who is the world-champion fight promoter

80 Rocket Heard Round the World
Not even Wernher von Braun could have devised such an amazing missile. Rodney (Rocket) Lover is just outasight

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11 Scorecard
68 Baseball
74 Hockey
76 Bridge
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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Next week

The fastest Indy of all time is in prospect as some swift Young Turks take on the established stars of the Brickyard in this year's 500. Robert Jones will be on hand.

NBA-ABA All-Stars will settle which league has the better top players when they meet in the Astrodome on Friday—if the owners, who could stop it, let the game go on.

The Himalayas are a high goal in the new holiday travel rage—trekking. Jeannette Bruce explores their rugged joys in an hilarious trek that is always more up than down.