July 05, 1971
July 05, 1971

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July 5, 1971

The Buckeyes
Motor Sports
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 For Failure to Give His Best...
California's fallen—and suspended—Angel, Alex Johnson, is an enigma even to himself

This is an article from the July 5, 1971 issue

18 Firstest, Fastest and Mostest
It seemed that never had so many ran so quick as at the national track and field championships

22 A Can-Do Scot in the Can-Am
Jackie Stewart stoked the flames of a rich sports car series by beating the dominant McLarens

24 The Jockey Is a Lady
So are the exercise boys and the grooms, as girls, pretty girls, move into racing. A photographic report

30 The Buckeyes Don't Have It
Five members of Ohio State's Rose Bowl team went high in the pro football draft, but only one has signed

46 Gentle Ben Gets Rough
A Texas freshman named Ben Crenshaw played stunning golf to lead his team to the NCAA championship

50 In the Mind's Eye
What does a professional athlete think about while he competes? George Plimpton asks some Wimbledon players

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6 Scorecard
38 People
40 Baseball
46 Golf
48 Motor Sports
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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