Aug. 02, 1971
Aug. 02, 1971

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Aug. 2, 1971

Three Rivers
White Magic
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 End of a Beautiful Friendship
In the ring for the first time since his loss to Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali whips ex-sparmate Jimmy Ellis

This is an article from the Aug. 2, 1971 issue

12 On the Lam with a Pirate Band
Pittsburgh, with its melting pot of happy rascals, is escaping from the rest of the National League East

18 Maybe You Can Win Them All
Bobby Fischer crushes Grand Master Bent Larsen in six straight, extending his chess win streak to 19 games

20 Arnie Re-arms While Lee Flees
Trevino, tired and testy, plays himself out of the tour's biggest money event, leaving it all to a rested master

22 The Secrets of Speed
Oregon's highly successful track coach, Bill Bowerman, describes his revolutionary method for running

30 That Impossible Season
George Blanda, the world's oldest quarterback, describes his dramatic and virtuoso performances during 1970

48 White Magic in a Noble Black Land
The sorcery of racing engines pervades the rugged and magnificent East African Safari rally

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6 Scorecard
41 People
42 Baseball's Week
44 Bowling
46 Bridge
59 For the Record
60 19th Hole

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