12 Gooood Kids on the Way
The All-Stars lose, as usual, hut some of the brassy rookies who made it close are going to brighten the pros

16 Million-Dollar Sunday Driver
Richard Petty goes for a ride over the weekend and comes back the richest stock-car racer in history

18 Revival of an Old Rock Festival
For the first time in the Age of Aquarius, Britain and the United States meet on the polo field

20 Bad Case of the Short Shorts
Millionaire Robert Short paid too much for the Washington Senators, and now he'd like out

26 A Legend in Yates Center, Kansas
Mike Peterson is simply the greatest athlete in the history of the Hay Capital of the World

32 Angling and Some Acts of God
Neither food poisoning nor torrential rain keep two fishermen from the completion of their rainbow rendezvous

50 Out There with Slow-Play Fay
Lady golf pros and Las Vegas heat melt the heart of a former male chauvinist

The departments

7 Scorecard
38 People
40 Baseball's Week
42 Pro Basketball
44 Golf
48 Bridge
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson


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