Aug. 23, 1971
Aug. 23, 1971

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Aug. 23, 1971

Canadian Football
Pan-Am Games
On The Lam
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


8 Dodging the Draft in Canada
Some of the top U.S. college stars are seeking fun and riches in the Canadian League

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14 All Business for the Big Bird
Harness racing's latest wonder horse, Albatross, has been assigned a simple mission: win and make money

16 Good Things Come in Large Packages
A 205-pound fighter and a 304-pound weight lifter win gold medals for the U.S. in the Pan-Am Games

22 The Ultimate Predator
After a seemingly endless search, a dread marine killer, the great white shark, finally appears

32 Absolutely Stuck on Stamps
Philatelist Herman Herst Jr. says his passion has its moments, like the day the Cubans fixed the races

44 Steering the Ship of State
British Prime Minister Edward Heath sailed his nation to victory. But who was minding the country?

54 Harvey on the Lam
Steve McQueen, by any name, gets all revved up over motors. Now it's dirt bikes on the desert

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5 Scorecard
38 Baseball
42 Sporting Look
44 Sailing
48 Golf
52 Design for Sport
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Racing at last, the National League, East and West, is giving big-league baseball what it hasn't had al! year: real competition. A report on the cold war turned suddenly hot.

Haughty high-speed chariots from the factories of Italy's elegant automakers, de Tomaso, Lamborghini and Ferrari, make racy status symbols for the very mobile rich.

The Colts' John Mackey owes a lot of bruises to NFL defensive backs who tormented him last year when he was injured. But now he is well, and ready to pay off past debts.