Aug. 30, 1971
Aug. 30, 1971

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Aug. 30, 1971

Time Again
A Ball In Havana
John Mackey
Odd Birds
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 It's That Time Again
...when the National League suffers pennant fever. Temperatures are especially high in Chicago and California

This is an article from the Aug. 30, 1971 issue

18 Having at a Ball in Havana
Washed by waves of hospitality and signs of hostility, the U.S. volleyball team bows to a fired-up band of Cubans

22 Swing Wide, Sweet Chariot
Une de Mai, a 7-year-old mare, proves she's all that she used to be in the Roosevelt International Trot

24 Hot Wheels Italian Style
The names Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati grace the hoods and dashboards of the world's most elegant toys

30 I'm Going to Punish Them'
Baltimore Tight End John Mackey, back from 1970 knee surgery and tough league negotiations, is hungry for revenge

47 Marty Just Might Be the Man
Steadying down, coming up stronger, a relative unknown named Riessen could be a factor at Forest Hills

56 A Clutch of Odd Birds
The Q-Room was more than just a pool parlor. It was an institution of higher learning

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10 Scorecard
41 People
42 Baseball
44 Nature
47 Tennis
53 Horse Racing
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

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