Oct. 11, 1971
Oct. 11, 1971

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Oct. 11, 1971

Grim Reapers
College Football
Motor Sports
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Pride in the Red Jersey
That is what Alabama had lost, but now that Bear Bryant has reverted to muscle football, the Tide is up

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22 Those Seventh-Inning Blues
Vida and Oakland suffered them, and the Orioles thought the suffering was just delightful

26 No Paralysis Is the Analysis
Instinct not intellection is the key to a good defense, but a little luck helps, too. Ask Pittsburgh's Steelers

32 New Awakening in Orr Land
Hoping to make their sons into a Bruin like Bobby, U.S. fathers rise before dawn to hustle their Pee Wees to rinks

38 Grim Reapers of the Land's Bounty
A rural poet indicts the violators of Mother Nature—men who deer hunt with jacklights and fish with gang hooks

73 Swift Happening at the Glen
The U.S. Grand Prix was both Woodstock-on-wheels and a big first victory for a young Frenchman

90 The Man Cut Out for the Job
The role of peacemaker in a Carolina city on edge with racial tensions fell to the high school football coach

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12 Scorecard
63 People
64 College Football
73 Motor Sports
81 Horse Racing
85 Baseball
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

The World Series begins, and the question is who can beat that American League pitching? Ron Fimrite describes the opening skirmishes between baseball's champions.

Hockey's newly affluent warriors open a season rich with promise. Mark Mulvoy scouts the teams and Jack Olsen has a conversation with Ken Dryden, Montreal's miracle goalie.

Pats or patsies, Boston or New England, winning or losing, the Patriots have Plunkett, a plumbing problem and a player who was a Disneyland dwarf—by Robert H. Boyle.