March 06, 1972
March 06, 1972

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March 6, 1972

Tom Swift
Big Bill
A Long Way
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Tom Swift and His Magic Wands
Yes, said Tom (Weiskopf) richly. I will wave at the ball boldly and make Gleason's $52,000 disappear

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20 It's Short But It Isn't Sweet
The 60-yard dash takes no time to run, but with its psychs and its acrimony it lasts an eternity

22 His Majesty Gets Mugged Again
And again. Chicago's Bobby Hull protests the shadowing he gets as no fun and a bad show

24 Big Bill Loves to Eat 'em Up
Sophomore Bill Walton, UCLA's latest basketball phenom, feasts on opposing teams with awesome gusto

30 Masks on the Angry Ice
Hockey goalies have borrowed from ancient Africa to bewitch the slap shot and the curved stick

35 A Long Way, Bébé
Françoise Durr may not be a classic swinger, but she is doing just fine at the tennis racket

68 Once He Was an Angel
No-hit Bo Belinsky was an eccentric before his time. A profile of a flamboyant pitcher looking back

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13 Scorecard
47 People
48 College Basketball
52 College Wrestling
56 Bridge
59 Baseball
63 Pro Football
66 Boating
80 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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Next week

Baseball's too-fat cats of 1971, the Cincinnati Reds, may turn out to be tigers in 1972—if Manager Sparky Anderson's spring whipcracking works. Bill Leggett reports.

On top down under, Shane Gould is a holder of five world records. Jerry Kirshenbaum writes of braces, delight with Wuthering Heights and other heights in her sights.

Running scarred is Tex Maule, who survived a severe heart attack but was then dismayed to see his body go to pot. Pride and fear added up to some sound steps—jogging.