14 Little Big Boat
Unpedigreed and unheralded, "Condor" sailed off with the winter's biggest ocean racing series

16 Life of Leisure
Wealthy owners and their blue-blooded colts have idled away the winter—and perhaps a chance to win the Derby

18 Reds Who Go Grunt in the Spring
Cincinnati's fat and happy failures of 1971 are just about dying to reverse that image

22 The Big Burden Boris Bears
In risking his chess title against Bobby Fischer, the Russian champion is also putting Soviet prestige on the line

28 She's on Top Down Under
Meet Shane Could, 15, of Sydney, who wears braces, digs "Wuthering Heights" and holds five world records

38 Schuss into La Swell France
Slipping in with a sketchbook, Cartoonist Bill Charmatz brings back his own colorful French connection

62 Running Scarred
After a heart attack, the author was dismayed to see his body go to pot—and frightened enough to take up jogging

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10 Scorecard
46 People
51 College Basketball
57 Track
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Next week

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Youth will be serving in Dallas: Chris Evert and Evonne Goolagong, the two brightest names in women's tennis, compete in the same tournament for the first time.

BOOM, BOOM—the heavy artillery is out in the mountains around Alta, Utah. In the dark, early hours snow rangers blast away at those deadly enemies, the giant avalanches.