The people-to-people program got a marital twist in Lake Placid, N. Y. recently when some local folks got together and presented a wedding gown to Galina Karelina, the Soviet pairs figure-skating gold medalist, at the World University Winter Games. The 22-year-old skater, who modeled the gown for store owner Irving Altman, plans to marry in Moscow this spring. The Lake Placidites thought their gesture would also "balance off what President Nixon is doing with China."

The Boston Bruins' defense—led by Bobby Orr, Ted Green and Dallas Smith—may have gained in stature recently when the team acquired Carol Vadnais from the California Golden Seals, but they have obviously opened some gaping holes for the punsters by fielding a line made up of Bob and Carol and Ted and Dallas.

Terry Daniels got a quick but forceful lesson from Joe Frazier last January and, not surprisingly, is currently rethinking his commitment to boxing. In the meantime he has the resources, from his $40,000 share of the purse, to relax, do some skiing, and play a little golf. College? Well, he has not returned to SMU because he feels the Frazier fight "opened bigger and better doors" for him. "I'm laying around waiting for an opportunity to slap me in the face," Daniels remarked last week.

It has been quite an off season for pro football coaches—off more for some than for others. The Rams' Tommy Prothro competed in the Mexican National Bridge Tournament in Mexico City. Prothro, a life master, and partner Harold Guiver. a mortgage broker, fared better than the second-place Rams—the six-man team on which they played blitzed their foes 8-0.

Alex Webster of the Giants felt he was the one who got blitzed last December after ex-Yankee and ABC Sports Announcer Jim Bouton ran the film of a Webster interview on his program—backwards. What Bouton hoped was to have the sound running backwards, too, but technical difficulties wiped him out. Anyhow, Webster promptly slapped Bouton and ABC with a $1.5 million lawsuit. Bouton followed up last week by running film clips of the legal papers being served on himself. That footage was accompanied by sound—mostly yawns.

The question is, did Ed Hughes quit as head coach of the Houston Oilers last December, or was he fired by Owner Bud Adams? Until the NFL decides who did what to whom, Hughes cannot collect on the remaining four years of his five-year contract, and with a wife and five kids at home, that is a matter of more than middling concern. To keep his brood fed, therefore, Hughes has gone to work on a Houston assembly line turning out truck trailers. There is one bright note in all this. From now on whenever anyone talks about holes big enough to drive a truck through, Hughes will know what they mean.

The New York Times' James Reston traveled all the way to China to have postoperative acupuncture treatment following an appendectomy. Now it turns out that Sudden Sam McDowell, the hard-throwing lefthander who was traded from the Indians to the Giants, got acupunched, or whatever it's called, as early as last spring training—and he hopes to get another treatment this year. "'Acupuncture broke the adhesions and loosened up my arm," said McDowell. Too bad it didn't do anything for his control; he led the league in walks last year: 153. Maybe he needs accurate puncture.

Tom Landry should skip this page. Even though Walt Garrison has managed to survive a couple of seasons of local rodeo, pictures like this one of the Dallas Cowboys' running back bulldogging a steer on a ranch at Frisco, Texas can scarcely be reassuring to a coach. Look at! it this way, Tom: after wrestling an enraged steer, what terrors can a few Dolphins hold?

While staying at a New York hotel, Sam Caruthers, of the California International Tracks Club, heard gentle stirrings in his room during the night. "Who is it?" asked the pole vaulter groggily. "Just cleaning up," said a voice, which Caruthers assumed was coming from a housekeeper. In the morning Caruthers discovered how much the ""housekeeper" had cleaned up: his wallet was completely empty.

If Bill Bradley, the cerebral forward for the New York Knicks, decides to run for state treasurer in Missouri, as is rumored, let's hope he reads financial reports better than he does airline schedules. On the eve of a game in Buffalo last week, Bradley missed the team plane when he went to the wrong New York airport. He made the game, but got a $100 fine from Coach Red Holzman, about which Bradley refused to comment. In fact, the only thing he would tell an inquiring reporter was, "You've got a stupid job."