March 20, 1972
March 20, 1972

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March 20, 1972

UCLA Invitation
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 Shoot-out at the T Bar M
With Billie Jean and Nancy packing the big guns, the showdown between two cool kids never occurred

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14 Putting on a Wild West Show
Intense competition among older horses at Santa Anita set the stage for the track's best day in years

16 Tip-off for UCLA's Big Invitation
At tournament time, the next best in college basketball are back for another run at the perennial champions

24 Down, Down and Away!
It's not a bird, it's not a plane. The chap falling out of a balloon 80 feet onto a mattress is—Sponge Diver!

32 She Never Played with Dolls
But in Paula Sperber's case nobody gives it a thought, because the 1971 Bowler of the Year is such a doll herself

36 Things That Go Boom in the Night
In the darkness, Snow Rangers in Alta blast away with heavy artillery at deadly enemies, the avalanches

64 A Song of Hound and Horn
A Michigan bushwhacker whose deer slaying technique was sadly common learns the noble art from French gentry

The departments

6 Scorecard
48 People
53 Swimming
56 Baseball
61 Golf
76 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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You're a good man, Rico Petrocelli, but you and the Red Sox would be even better if you could wrap your troubles in doubles. Barry McDermott reports from spring training.

Desert rats, American style, are the two-legged kind currently seen fleeing the cities for the perilous joys of off-road racing across the wastes in dune buggies and such.

The times of best are not always the best of times these days as Britain's greatest soccer star, 25-year-old George Best, continues to combine birds, bubbly and the game.

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the March 20, 1972 issue