April 03, 1972
April 03, 1972

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April 3, 1972

Run Deep
Oh, Johnny!
  • Going to Augusta, golf's greatest moneymaker is fit and his game is honed for a prize that is larger than mere dollars. Jack Nicklaus' grail has become the elusive Grand Slam

  • As always, whoever wins will have to negotiate that forgotten front nine, and there, says Dan Jenkins, is where one finds more problems than most Masters fans ever see, live or on TV

Tame Devils
Horse Racing
Blue Snow
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26, 27—Tony Triolo
28, 29—John D. Hanlon
30—Sheedy & Long
38, 40—illustrations by Robert Handville
67—James Drake
75—John D. Hanlon
78—Stable of Photographic Arts
107—Southern California Speed Skating Assn., Raleigh News and Observer

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