April 17, 1972
April 17, 1972

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April 17, 1972

Poa Jack
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Poa Jack Beats Himself
Nicklaus won the Masters by whipping the weed and a bunch of other contenders

This is an article from the April 17, 1972 issue

26 A Heavy Loss to a Light Heavy
Vicente Rondon was overweight and Bob Foster came in on the button—Rondon's—to take the title

28 Making a Point—Playground Style
One scorer sick, one scorer injured and here come the Colonels. That's when the Nets decided to shoot and run

30 Rangers Nix Hab Hex
New York's hockeymen opened Stanley Cup play with a surprisingly strong showing against dread Montreal

36 Diary of a Derby Horse
Even the best of trainers finds that readying a colt to run for the roses is a prickly, painful operation

48 Black Future for the White-Crown
The outlook is bleak for this game bird of the islands if the slaughter at nesting season continues

64 Life with a Mad Motor Mogol
Earl Muntz made fortune No. 1 putting people on four wheels; now he's after No. 4 putting them on two

86 Pop, Pop, Hit Those People
The just-published novel "End Zone" is winning critical acclaim and extra points for its author. An excerpt

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106 19th Hole

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Next week

BASKETBALL'S BIG BASH: The confrontation will pit the Milwaukee Bucks against the Los Angeles Lakers, and Peter Carry will be reporting on how the (NBA) West is won.

Getting by, with a little help from their friends the major leagues, are the minors. A report from the boondocks, where the farm teams are not dead—or even out on strike.

Jackie Stewart, the world-champion driver, writes of speed, danger and death in an unusually candid behind-the-scenes appraisal of a "painful and illuminating" season.