May 15, 1972
May 15, 1972

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May 15, 1972

Catch Me
Big Bust
  • By Robert F. Jones

    Their revelry was to last for 90 hours, then they would adjourn to the ring for last week's Ali-Chuvalo go. Well, the fight went quite handsomely, but the party pooped when the money ran out

Paradise Improved
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Catch Me if You Can
But they couldn't as Riva Ridge led the herd of horses round in a circle to win the Derby from wire to wire

This is an article from the May 15, 1972 issue

24 One Footrace Where Hands Counted
USC botched a pass in the mile relay, UCLA's John Smith streaked home and the Bruins took the one-day war

26 Swish and They're In
Flashing lots of hot hands—and a single sore one—Los Angeles wins its first NBA championship

28 Hazardous Life in a Meat Bucket
The M.B. is an angler's cornucopia, filled with huge fish, matchless weather, perfect casts—and an element of risk

38 The Blast Was a Big Bust
The 90-hour party supposed to usher in the Ali-Chuvalo fight pooped, but Muhammad popped just fine

48 Paradise Improved
With a touch of genius, Robert Trent Jones Jr. has designed a magnificent golf course in Hawaii's far west

76 A la Recherche du Tanks Perdu
A middle-aged dreamer, freely styling himself Splash, seeks the past in chlorinated waters

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17 Scorecard
53 Baseball
61 Hockey
64 Boxing
71 Harness Racing
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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