May 22, 1972
May 22, 1972

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May 22, 1972

How Sweet
Indy Wingding
Hunt Ball
Track & Field
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 How Sweet It Is!
Jubilant New Yorkers greet the newest Met, Willie Mays, who responds with a game-winning home run

This is an article from the May 22, 1972 issue

20 Over Indy on a Wingding
The magic 190s mark was a flight of fancy—until racers added airfoils and their cars took off

24 An Iceman Too Hot To Handle
That was Boston's Bobby Orr as he took charge of the Stanley Cup final and destroyed New York

26 Tuning Up for a New Hunt Ball
With Ken Rosewall and Rod Laver just dazzling, the WCT championship was a coming-out party to remember

32 Munich, the Bavarian Cream
Of the German cities, it's the top, and it offers more than froth and the promise of fun at the Games

42 It's All in the Family
Meet the Murrays of Miami, a mighty mélange. Sport may be their game, but living is their art

70 Out To Make a Killing
His money bird was razor-sharp, a hairline too sharp. But if the fighting cock lost, they would both be dead

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11 Scorecard
52 Baseball
56 Track
60 Soccer
62 Pro Basketball
66 Crew
85 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Next week

New troops will be trying an assault on Riva Ridge in the Preakness next week. Will the 3-year-old champ come out of the race with a black eye or with the black-eyed susans?

The powers that be, boatwise: a look at the heavyweights like Miss Budweiser, with her Rolls engine, as well as a new abundance of bantams, dragsters and river rats.

Even the vow boys wouldn't know the old place. Ron Fimrite reports on the quiet revolution at Stanford University, and its athletes' distinctive attitude toward sport.