May 29, 1972
May 29, 1972

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May 29, 1972

Mass Mania
Arctic Spring
Motor Sports
Harness Racing
Pro Basketball
  • By Peter Carry

    The ABA title was at stake and along came those Nets with a bunch of fierce guards. So enigmatic Indiana played it the hard way

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


32 Mass Mania to Push Ahead
Americans are on a new kick—togetherness. Be it on bike, raft or foot, they're participating by the horde

This is an article from the May 29, 1972 issue

36 Give an A-Plus to Bee Bee Bee
When Riva Ridge flunked the test in the Preakness, top marks went to a colt few believed could make the grade

38 Indian Uprising
Cleveland, long dormant in the American League, is suddenly on the move with some exciting new warriors

40 What Hath Louie Wrought?
Old Man Jacobs was a godfather to sport, in too many ways. His concessions empire has been linked to the mob

56 Power to the People
Boatwise, it entrances the millions—and animates the camera, as a color portfolio attests

66 Flight of the Arctic Spring
In haste, wildfowl flood North to nest; the season is short, and results can be savage for birds that tarry

86 Disciples of Another Creed
Sport has its revolutionary aspects at Stanford, where the students continue to be refreshingly different

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29 Scorecard
65 People
73 Baseball
76 Motor Sports
80 Harness Racing
82 Pro Basketball
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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A showdown between the front-runners in baseball features Houston pitching, speed and power against Los Angeles power, speed and, ah, pitching. William Leggett reports.

To dress up horse racing, Bill Veeck tried Lady Godiva for starters, and the fans at Suffolk Downs did sit up and begin to take notice. The first in a series of reminiscences.