June 12, 1972
June 12, 1972

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June 12, 1972

What's Going On
Horse Racing
Track & Field
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 What's Going on Out There?
Right from the non-beginning a giddy baseball season has been unfurling surprise after surprise

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24 The Day Rigger Mortis Set Out
Adversity stalked Pennsylvania, but the crew couldn't have cared less. Off in high, it won the IRA easily

26 Bubble Bath for the Blue Blue Jays
Johns Hopkins came prepared with champagne. Virginia, though, drank the deep draughts at the lacrosse finals

28 Splashing Down the Stretch
What has six tires and swims? Why, the All-Terrain Vehicle that slogged its way to a muddy national title

36 The Wreck of Veeck
When he took over Suffolk Downs the pols tried to climb aboard, but in the end it was not they who sank his ship

U.S. Open—1972

52 The place: Mists, mountains and magic
59 The tournament: A time to sparkle plenty

88 Where There's Smokey There's Fire
Is the Bear a dud, an adman's fancy, or is he a useful symbol? That is the burning issue among foresters

The departments

13 Scorecard
62 People
67 Baseball
72 Horse racing
83 Bridge
84 Track & Field
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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Next week

Key to the mint of money offered in the Belmont is usually in how the winner is trained. Horseman Elliott Burch is 3 for 3 in the classic. How will he do in '72?

All work and no play has made Dan Gable America's finest wrestler—and kept his weight at 149½ pounds. This is achieved by simply sweating off 60 pounds every week.

Dr Pepper is his poison, hamburger pizza his idea of a real gourmet meal and he owns one suit—also three ball clubs and 32 tennis pros. A portrait of Lamar Hunt by Jack Olsen.