June 26, 1972
June 26, 1972

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June 26, 1972

U.S. Open
Two Catchers
TV Sports
Wild And Woolly
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Two Down and Two to Go
On target for the Grand Slam, Jack Nicklaus survives the torments of Pebble Beach to win the U.S. Open

This is an article from the June 26, 1972 issue

28 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Who is the fastest one of all? Vanity leads two ladies into a $250,000 winner-take-everything match race

30 Catchers Cut From Royal Cloth
In any era, exceptional receivers who can hit are rarities. Baseball today is blessed with two of them

36 Hello There, TV Sports Fans!
The medium's moguls have been thinking hard as they try to woo you away from each other

46 Wild Sheep in a Woolly Land
Joe McKnight got tired of counting just plain sheep on his New Mexico ranch; his Barbaries changed all that

59 Hail to the Trinity Twosome
All four of the Trinity players were terrific at the NCAA tournament, but the big pair made it to the end

70 Just What the Doctor Ordered
...not pep pills, not tranquilizers. The best medicine a man can have, says a pharmacist, is a horse like Irving

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14 Scorecard
52 People
55 Baseball
62 Boxing
66 Swimming
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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