July 10, 1972
July 10, 1972

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July 10, 1972

Agony And Ecstasy
Where, Sir?


14 Agony and Ecstasy
In a single tumultuous week boxing got a smashing new lightweight champion, and a dashing new Ali

This is an article from the July 10, 1972 issue

18 A Sudden Stalemate in Reykjavik
It turned out not to be chess, but hide-and-seek, as Bobby Fischer delayed the world championship

20 Just a Guy Having Some Fun
Dave Wottle, a miler, ran the 800 as a lark—and tied the world record as the Olympic Trials began

22 Where Am I Batting, Sir?
That is a daily query to Oriole Manager Earl Weaver, who has to play wizard because his stars are falling

28 The How To, Who To and When
Quarterback Johnny Unitas describes the simple art of passing and the difficult science of reading defenses

36 The Taking Part
Baron de Coubertin honestly believed winning was unimportant. An irreverent history of his Olympic Games

62 The Bottom-Fishing Hustler
A sadder and wiser con man learned one thing: never trust a guy named Ralph, especially if he's from Duluth

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10 Scorecard
46 Baseball
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54 Bridge
58 Body Building
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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Next week

The road to Munich is paved with good contentions, most of which will be settled at the Olympic track and field trials—in Oregon for the men and Maryland for the women.

There'll always be a Wimbledon, and even without the contract pros, who are excluded, it is still a scintillating tennis show. Curry Kirkpatrick reports on the final week.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and join the camping craze—if you must. But uplifted you won't be with such High Camp gear as stoves, tents and strawberry mousse.