14 On Tour with 'Hair'
In which the division-leading Oakland A's, baseball's answer to the hit musical, are viewed at work and play

18 Sea Chase with a Smash Ending
An SI writer goes along on a ferocious ocean powerboat race and high hopes come crashing down

20 A Couple of Hit and Miss Propositions
The hit at the Olympic Boxing Trials was Duane Bobick, but Bobby Lee Hunter missed enough to miss Munich

26 Go, Go, Go, Go, Go
It is summer, and the voice of the pro football coach is heard in our land, exhorting his troops to shape up

32 Football Is Like a Rose
It's nice, but it isn't essential. So broods a rookie cut down in full flower by the Kansas City Chiefs

52 When You Can't Clout 'em, Cook 'em
Unable to play for the Mets because of injuries, Rusty Staub gets his kicks in the kitchen

56 Beauty and the Beast
The jockey is gorgeous, obsessed, talented and a mystery. She is Robyn Smith. Or is she?

The departments

9 Scorecard
40 People
42 Baseball
44 Motor Sports
48 Bicycling
54 Harness Racing
67 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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