12 Who and When and Mostly Why
The mist hanging over the stables at Saratoga last week was nothing compared to the fog surrounding Riva Ridge

16 It's Jack, Whatever the Match
The format was different, the result the same as Nicklaus racked up another title, the two-headed U.S. Match Play

The XXth Olympic Games

18 The opening ceremonies—and flak behind the scenes
20 Mark Spitz: controversial boy turned confident man

26 See No Evil, Hear No Evil...Ha!
Wickedness is everywhere, especially in Boston, say three iconoclastic broadcasters who claim to know

34 An Unbelievagable Boom
They squawk and talk, they goad and explode. But, while they amuse and enthuse, the new scoreboards don't tell all

52 Getting the Good Times Rolling
The corners are tricky and the driving tough, but they all would rather win the Southern 500 than any other race

The departments

6 Scorecard
38 People
40 Baseball
44 Horse Racing
48 Pro Football
63 For the Record
64 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier


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The tough pros of the NHL face off against Russia's "amateurs," without Bobby Orr or Bobby Hull but with much pride at stake, in the beginning of an eight-game series.

A big splash opens the XXth Olympiad as swimming competition dominates the first week's action in Munich, with focus on the gold rush by Mark Spitz and Aussie Shane Gould.