Oct. 16, 1972
Oct. 16, 1972

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Oct. 16, 1972

Mad Games
Bengal Brains
College Football
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


28 Mad About the Game
With considerable gusto the pennant contenders threw themselves—and a bat—into the playoffs

This is an article from the Oct. 16, 1972 issue

32 Running Under the Rainbow
At Watkins Glen Jackie Stewart raced through rain and sun to beat champion Fittipaldi to the pot of gold

34 An Angry Giant Breaks the Spell
For two years USC had been bewitched by the sorcery of Stanford, but last week its army of athletes awoke

36 The Masters Is Made in Japan
Cameras, TV, automobiles, why not golf? So the Heiwa Sogo Bank of Tokyo staged a $300,000 tournament

46 Handy Pair of Brainy Bengals
A concert pianist-composer and a computer analyst keep Cincinnati on top of the intellectual league

Pro Basketball, '72-'73

54 The Lakers Turn the Glitter to Gold
59 The Super Division
61 NBA Midwest
62 NBA Central
63 NBA Atlantic
64 ABA West
66 ABA East
80 New York Nets: No Business Like Boe Business

112 Bad Is Beautiful
Ilie Nastase, the court villain, insults opponents, is rude to officials and provokes spectators—charmingly

The departments

23 Scorecard
91 People
92 College Football
102 Hunting
108 Harness Racing
130 For the Record
133 19th Hole

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Next week

The best of both worlds, baseball and tennis, is coming up. Ron Fimrite reports on the Series at home and Curry Kirkpatrick will be our man in Bucharest for the Davis Cup.

Suicide squads are on the field for about a fifth of all NFL plays. Bob Boyle explains how this different game within the game should be played—as well as how to watch it.

The hull thing starts, and Mark Mulvoy will be having a look as Bobby tackles a new-job in a new league—will he be worth $3 million playing and coaching for Winnipeg?