22 Mr. Smith Goes to Bucharest
And there faces down Nasty and Dracula and assorted other horrors while leading the U.S. to a Davis Cup win

26 A Big Beginning
Their star was crippled and their league maligned, but the Oakland A's showed the Reds a thing or two

30 On Time but Not in Tune
Wilt was back and the champs were set. But then the Lakers found last year's act needed a little work

32 The Boys of the Suicide Squads
Wedge busters, ball strippers and coverers are playing 20% of all NFL games. Meet the special teams

40 Jeepers! Peepers Is in Charge Now
And he is dangerous—if you believe it is dangerous to revolutionize college athletics, as Jack Scott hopes to do

50 Sooner or Later, Champions
Long ago in Oklahoma 10-year-old football players thought a red dog was a puppy, but no more

60 The Way to a Super Bowl
The best kegler of this generation shows you how to strike it rich with practice and concentration

96 From Sea to Speeding Sea
This was an out law auto race, unsanctioned and unwise, but there they were—roaring away toward L.A.

The departments

14 Scorecard
66 People
68 College Football
79 Nature
83 Pro Football
86 Tennis
92 Fishing
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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