20 Mustaches All the Way
All the way down to a dramatic seventh game, that is, as the hairy A's won the tightest World Series ever played

26 Locomotive for the Class of '76
Now that freshmen can play football with the big boys they are giving coaches something new to cheer about

30 Green Bay Turns with the Tide
Two Alabama quarterbacks, one of them teaching the other, have managed to make the Packers a contender again

36 A Pampas Bull Who's Sweet as Sugar
Carlos Monzon, Argentina's world champion, has a mighty right and a record Ray Robinson may envy

48 I'll Wring Your Neck!
This particular chase was sparked by a Halloween prank, but running for dear life can be good sport

58 Looking Best in the West
Something old and blue plus something borrowed equals something new—this year's jeans-inspired ski wear

76 Keys to the Kingdom
Pro football rules far and wide. While men gather to pledge devotion and play palace games, women weep

The departments

13 Scorecard
64 People
66 College Football
70 Motor Sports
74 Hockey
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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