Nov. 13, 1972
Nov. 13, 1972

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Nov. 13, 1972

Yo Yo Yo
  • By Roy Blount

    It's mountain music that the dogs sing to coon hunters when the quarry—that tough kid wearing the mask and the fur coat—is treed. And though it may be dawn when the hunt ends, time remains for a little socializing and a lot of dog talk

College Football
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Swarm to Daylight
There is such a rush on rushing in the National Football League that the pass now seems passé

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26 Replaying the Sixth Man Theme
Paul Silas, latest of the Celtic celebrated supersubs, has helped Boston get off to a super start

28 Bouncing Down to Baja
Below Mexicali lies mile after mile of desert. Many try, but Parnelli Jones wins the kiss and the cup

36 The Best Years of My Life
Sugar Ray Robinson, who earned and burned $4 million, is all happiness these days working with kids

50 Yo Yo Yo, Rowa Uh Rowa
The yapping verse from the throats of hounds may not scan, but it is music to the ears of coon hunters

59 It Could Be the Ruin of Them
If the Colosseum falls, Rome will fall, or so a scholar said. Well, the ancient stadium is crumbling

96 Wiretap on the Pros
Verbal give-and-take on the field is lost in football's uproar, but now tapes of the players let fans eavesdrop

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116 19th Hole

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Next week

To the victor of the crucial game between LSU and Alabama goes a lock on a conference championship and a clear shot at the national title. Roy Blount Jr. observes.

Leaping for joy in a cheerless land is Olympic hurdle champion John Akii-Bua. An account of an extraordinary visit to Uganda's hero by fellow Olympian Kenny Moore.

The new showplaces of the sports world are snow-places. An early-season look at ski areas all across the country, particularly a high-flying Utah resort called Snowbird.

This is an article from
the Nov. 13, 1972 issue