10 Old Brodie Went Witcher-way
The 49ers made the playoffs when the veteran came off the bench and threw two last-quarter touchdowns

14 Cry Wolf in Carolina
Down where Big Four basketball is big hysteria, State's Wolfpack made a meal of its neighbors

18 After the Bowls, the Polls
Though Coach John McKay disagrees, bowl games decide the final rankings. If No. 1 USC loses—sorry, John

28 Sportsman and Sportswoman
For the first time two are honored, both superb competitors, each representing differing views of sport

34 Gleanings from a Troubled Time
Seldom has sport offered such stimulation, or endured such turbulence. An iconoclastic view of noteworthy events

48 Sillies of '72
Goof-ups and put-downs, takeoffs and put-ons. The year's misadventures, photographed in the act

62 Odyssey of an Angler
To Winslow Homer, fishing was an art and he was a master of it. His works reflect a lifetime's search for sport

The departments

7 Scorecard
56 Bridge
74 College Basketball
76 For the Record
77 19th Hole

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Cover photographs by Stephen Green-Armytage


The Next Issue (dated Jan. 8, 1973)

Bowl madness will be more pronounced than ever, what with the shift of the Sugar to New Year's Eve. Dan Jenkins and Roy Blount Jr. cover all the games, from Rose to Fiesta.

The super two, the pairing for the Super Bowl, will be determined on the day the old year—and the losers—fade away. Tex Maule and Ron Reid ring in the winners.

The rally and the car were real enough but his dream about it all carried some vague warning of a disaster still to come. Novelist-Historian John Hersey tells the story.