18 All Ablaze at Center
Hockey's most conspicuous young stars march to different drums, but they play the same position

22 Putting the Arm on a King
The duel between Margaret Court and Billie Jean King for No. 1 rank is about ready for a smashing return

24 Dr. K, Big Cat and Little Tubby
The rest of the cast includes Mr. Nice and Billy Bipp. Together they play dramatic basketball at Memphis State

26 Doggy Doings in the Garden
A slight sense of change at Westminster, but still a lot of barking, growling and whining—canine and otherwise

34 Everybody's Doing the Hot Dog
The craze, not the sandwich, is sweeping the country as skiing's younger set turns to stunting

39 But Only on Sunday
Ron Clarke, who set 17 world records, now runs for fun, undisturbed by his status as an Australian nonhero

66 Eyeball to Eyeball with Africa
The animal-filled velds of Georgia, Canada and New Jersey as seen from four-wheel cages made in Detroit

The departments

13 Scorecard
47 People
48 College Basketball
56 Boxing
62 Pro Basketball
80 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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