March 05, 1973
March 05, 1973

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March 5, 1973

  • By J. A. Maxtone Graham

    There was nothing mild-mannered about George Osbaldeston, and he came along 100 years before phone booths, but some of his feats would have turned Clark Kent green

All Around
This Is It
Dream Course
  • Somewhere in the world there is the right plot of land and the proper pile of money to build a road-racing circuit that is perfect for cars and drivers and, not least, for spectators. Then what better architect could be found than that lucid, imaginative charger, Jackie Stewart? It is from his blueprints that the model pictured on these pages has sprung. A dream, true, but Stewart's production says much about what racing is today, and could become in the future.

Pro Basketball
  • By Peter Carry

    When they are healthy the Lakers are a superb team—regardless of what record Chamberlain happens to be trying for. But with both West and Hairston injured, they can run into trouble, as they did last week

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 You Got To Have a Gimmick
To promote the sale of oil filters and homesites, 10 Superstars vie to be Supereststars

This is an article from the March 5, 1973 issue

24 Lee Returns To Ax a Forrest
Swinging away with borrowed clubs, Trevino wins the Jackie Gleason by cutting down Forrest Fezler

26 Poor Perry Passed the Buck
A year ago a millionaire unloaded a gimpy, unraced horse for $1 to a vet. Result: a West Coast wonder

28 Up and Down and All Around
Albuquerque was strictly a one-balloon town. Then 128 of them came bob, bob, bobbing along

36 This Is It, for Heaven's Sake
Janet Lynn heads for the world figure skating championship filled with religious fervor

44 Racing Along a Dream Road
Is there somewhere the right plot of land and the right pile of money for Jackie's perfect circuit?

66 An Ethic of Work and Play
In his new Broadway hit, Dramatist David Storey argues that sport and life are best at their extremes

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13 Scorecard
50 Skiing
55 College Basketball
63 Pro Basketball
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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