March 12, 1973
March 12, 1973

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March 12, 1973

Sailing Squall
The Slide
College Basketball
Track & Field
Pro Basketball
Table Tennis
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Sailing up a Squall
An ugly little outcast infuriated purists on the Southern circuit, especially when she won the big race

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26 No Holes to Mend in These Sox
As spring training opens, Chicago's Dick Allen is rich and ready, Bill Melton is back and the fans talk flag

28 Now She Plays for Green Stamps
And for green stuff. Chris Evert turns pro, and in her first try shows ten grand reasons why

30 Clyde The Glide and the Slide
Florida State, last year's Cinderella team, shows how fragile a thing is athletic success

36 The Great American Rookie
Not a game has been played, but already he is the star of the year. Meet Philip Roth's Gil Gamesh

68 Once All-Didnip, Now All-Obscure
Being the saga of Lee Davis of the Memphis Tams, who has been acclaimed the unknown's unknown

76 Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
She used to foul up everything on earth, but up in the sky her abilities soared

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11 Scorecard
56 People
58 College Basketball
64 Track & Field
68 Pro Basketball
70 Wrestling
73 Table Tennis
94 For the Record
99 19th Hole

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Next week

On the treadmill again go college basketball's best, as they seek the pleasure of meeting UCLA in the NCAA showdown. Curry Kirkpatrick assesses who will get furthest.

Pressure on Jim Simons and 80 other aspiring golfers was intense as they played 108 holes for the right to try the pro tour. Simons tells of the week his future was at stake.

Conflict at sea among anglers aboard the Qualifier 105 is resolved when a 12-ton catch off Socorro Island south of Baja California gives 26 men a weary peace.