March 26, 1973
March 26, 1973

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March 26, 1973

Baiting The Bruins
He's Perfect
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    All you need are your clubs, your nerve and—here's the rub—your cash, and you, too, can lead the life of a big-money pro. There is more than $10 million to be earned on a brand-new golf circuit

Design For Sport
College Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Baiting the Bruins
Three fresh-faced innocents win the chance to try to torment all-conquering UCLA

This is an article from the March 26, 1973 issue

22 Oh Lord, He's Perfect
If there is ever to be the ultimate racehorse, people at the track say it could be Derby favorite Secretariat

26 Rise of the Underground Tour
If you have clubs and nerve and—here's the rub—cash, you can play on a new $10 million pro golf circuit

32 In a Lair with a Bear
Biologist Lynn Rogers thinks nothing of investigating occupied dens. He spends his winters in cubbyholes

42 Riding for a Fall
Though many are headed for disaster, and some for death, dozens of chasers run the risk of Aintree each year

72 Fold It Out and Presto!
An architect strives to overcome the haughty reputation of squash with a low-cost "accordion" court

84 The Rinks Were Running Red
A goalie who lived it writes of Canada's humiliation in the series with Russia—and of the ultimate redemption

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63 Hockey
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70 Track & Field
72 Design for Sport
75 Skiing
78 College Basketball
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Finally the finale, the showdown for the NCAA basketball championship. Curry Kirkpatrick covers the shootout as pretenders to the crown assail UCLA's ramparts.

Oh so pretty, oh so deadly is the 16th hole at Augusta National. A look at the famous par-3, plus a story on the fiery young pro who is a strong threat to win the Masters.

A long blue line guided the Olympic marathoners through the cobbled streets and dusty parks of Munich, and led author Kenny Moore to old agonies, new conclusions.