May 14, 1973
May 14, 1973

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May 14, 1973

New Game
On Your Mark
Pro Basketball
  • By Peter Carry

    As the championship rounds in the NBA and the ABA got under way, the basketball was a little sloppy but the competition was plenty tough

  • By Herman Weiskopf

    The name is Bucky Woy, the game is the women pros. Some are pretty, some are super and, if Woy has his way, they are sport's next big time

Yellow Water
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 It Was Murder
After his defeat three weeks ago, Secretariat was shot down by character assassins, but he had his revenge in the Derby

This is an article from the May 14, 1973 issue

24 Putting a Swifty Past Chicago
Speed was the key to Montreal's Stanley Cup assault as the Canadiens belabored the Black Hawks

26 An Angel Who Makes Turnstiles Sing
The pulling power of strikeout pitchers is demonstrated by California's Nolan Ryan, the team's top ticket

28 A New Game All Down the Line
The U.S. basketball team, playing racehorse style for a change, beat the Russians, who were running too

36 On Your Mark, Get Set, Sell
Mark Spitz has seven golds, $5 million in endorsements and a beautiful bride, but his image needs regilding

48 King of the Thunderboats
Hardly a model daredevil, Bill Muncey eats fudge sundaes and has a low pain threshold

92 Way Down Upon the Yellow Water
This canoe trip was not high adventure, but for dilettantes that's the way the chocolate cookies crumble

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13 Scorecard
61 People
62 Baseball
72 Cycling
78 Pro Basketball
87 Bowling
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Next week

To front court moves the battle of the sexes as Margaret Court meets the challenge tossed out by Bobby Riggs. Will crafty Bobby conquer? Or will it be a Ms. match?

Before the 500 comes the magic 200, the record speed predicted as the hottest cars in history show their stuff. Robert F. Jones will report on the run for the pole at Indianapolis.

Making a pitch for cricket, novelist John Fowles tells why the game has much in common with baseball—including speed, guts and a terrifying version of stick-it-in-his-ear.